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(6th – 12th grades)

The goal of EMERGE is to have the student come out of culture and connect with God. The life of a teenager is filled with stress and worry from all areas of life. Family, friends, school, job, sports…and the list goes on. Emerge is a refuge from all of that. It’s a place to break away and find your identity in Christ, a place to develop relationships that will aid you on your journey. It’s a place to worship, a place to belong, a place to be transformed. EMERGE provides students with the tools needed for life, not just on the campus, but in their calling.

RealTalk whiteGet Real!

#realtalk is happening every other Friday night in the church cafe. 6-12th grades invited! Bring friends as we walk through the reality of what it means to be an authentic follower of Christ. We’ll see you there! Click here for dates.

 Lauren Bernard, Student Ministries Director.

For more information on our meeting times click here